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Don started on spring sowing campaign-2014

In all areas of the Rostov region actively conducted fieldwork . According to the latest Ministry of Agricultural area , in addition to winter feeding , harrowing and cultivation in 15 districts of the region farmers have begun to spring planting . In general, this spring is planned to sow 2,325,000 hectares , including 1.64 million hectares will be sown cereals and legumes, 933,000 hectares of oilseed crops occupy more than 35,000 acres - of potatoes and 32 000 hectares - vegetables .

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Overview of grain market Russia on March 18, 2014

Price trend on grain still pointing up because of rising dollar .
CPT port of Novorossiysk wheat 3kl -10000 - 10 300 rub. / Ton, 9800-10200 4kl - rub. / Ton ( 770 - nature )
Corn- 7700-8000 rub. / ton, barley 7200-7300 rub. / ton
CPT Tuapse corn - 7800-7900 rub. / Ton
CPT Taman wheat 4kl -9700-9800 rub. / Ton
Rostov wheat 3kl CPT -9100 -9400 rub. / Ton , wheat 4kl -8700-9000 rub. / Ton , wheat 5kl -7400-8400 rub. / Ton , corn - 6800-6900 rub. / Ton
CPT Azov wheat 4kl -8700 -9000 , wheat 5kl -7400-8400 rub. / Ton , corn -6800-6900 rub. / Ton
An increase in the prices of sunflower.
Sunflower in the southern regions of the CPT IES at 12500-13300 rub. / Ton, CFD -11500-12000 rub. / Ton

Preliminary results of the agricultural year 2013

Summing up the preliminary results of agricultural year , the Minister of Agriculture and Food Vyacheslav Vasilenko said that today the Rostov Region has collected 6.2 million tons of grain, which is a good result considering the adverse weather conditions this year. Cleaning late grains and oilseeds in the Don region continues. It remains to handle the over 200 thousand hectares .

Corn left to remove about 170 thousand hectares . Yield per hectare of 7 quintals more than last year. But in the north of the area , there are problems with the cleaning because of the high humidity. Influenced by the weather and sunflower. Cleaning a high rate is not possible, then the moisture affects the seed oil . However, the gross yield of seeds, as well as rice and sugar beet, promises to be no less than last year .

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New ways of Don grain export

Centre for Assessment of the quality of grain at the moment is working to validate the quality and safety of grain and its products are sent to more than 35 countries. Since the beginning of 2013 at the Don grain market appeared Republic of Sri Lanka, where he was sent coriander total weight of 451.5 tons, wheat class 3 - 14,6 thousand tons of wheat and Class 4 - 9.4 tonnes. Just in July of this year, the list of countries exporting Russian wheat, included Bangladesh, Ghana, Yemen, Madagascar, Oman. Basically this 4-grade wheat - 67.5 thousand tons and 2.7 thousand tons of wheat class 3. If you confirm the compliance of parties wheat Technical Regulations of the Customs Union of specialists of the Rostov branch FGBU “Center of Grain Quality Assessment” found that the load is fully consistent with regulatory requirements.

Export grain from Don River

Export of grain from the Rostov region since the start of the 2013 year amounted to 1711.35 thou. tons, including:

Wheat 3 class – 549.33 thous. tons;

Wheat 4 class-356.91 thous. tons;

Wheat 5 class-50.18 thous. tons;

Barley – 285.92 thous. tons;

Corn – 334.27 thous. tons;

Other grains, legumes 134.74 thous. tons.

As of July 22, 2013 year procurement prices for grains and oilseeds in the Rostov region are:

Wheat 3 class-6150-7700 RUR/ton;

Wheat 4 class-5700-7400 RUR/ton;

Wheat 5 class-5800-6900 RUR/ton;

Barley-5850-7300 RUR/ton;

Corn-8200-9600 RUR/ton;

Sunflower-15800-16000 RUR/ton.


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